THE INNER CIRCLE by Alexander Kelly


Who Did He Love -- the Mistress or the Submissive?

Charles lusts for the beautiful Lady Reeve, a notorious dominatrix. Although he has some fear, he longs to explore the depths of his fantasies and discover if he has the strength and will to surrender himself completely to the control of a woman.

But then Charles learns that to be worthy of her notice he must submit himself to training and discipline by the infamous women of the Inner Circle. Afterwards, at a slave fair, he finds himself being dominated by not one, but five unique, powerful and erotically sensual women of the Inner Circle, including the woman he adores, Lady Reeve.

Though this should be the culmination of his heart's desire, Charles unexpectedly finds himself drawn toward a submissive, the lovely Mei Lein. Can Charles be both dominant and submissive? Or must he make a choice? And how will the women of the Inner Circle respond to his newfound dominant side?

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Categories Submission - Male Dom - Hetero , Submission - Female Domme - Hetero , Submission

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