THE LOVE PAGODA by Anonymous


The Masterpiece of Asian Eroticism!

Every culture has found its own favorite erotic novel to be whispered about, to be passed on to future generations despite the constant pressure of censorship and prudery. England had Fanny Hill, France had Justine and Juliette, the U.S. had Tropic of Cancer, and, even before all of these, China had The Love Pagoda, perhaps the most famous forbidden classic of all time.

Now Love Pagoda is made available to readers in this unexpurgated English translation. This book, written anonymously in the 17th century, details the amazing amorous adventures of Hsi Men and his six wives. Here is an uninhibited look at the ways of late-Ming-dynasty Chinese love and lovemaking, which go far beyond the pale imitation we know in the West. How do six wives get along in bed with one husband, and how can one husband satisfy six wives? You'll learn the answers and more if you dare enter The Love Pagoda.

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Categories Victoria - Early Erotic Classics & Historical Fiction 17th Century-1920 , Vintage
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