THE LUNA MOTH by Melissa Harlow


Regina worked her entire adult life as a stripper, until a fight with cancer left everything in ruins. Now she is scarred, not only from the loss of her breast, but because the man she loved could not accept it. Broke and alone, she returns to the strip club where she once worked, after her former employer offers her an apartment above the club. She learns that someone has been looking for her, a customer who she can't quite remember. This chance meeting leads her on a journey to the mountains, and to the one man who could just be everything that she needs.

The Luna Moth is a powerful novel of passion and romance with a simple message. If you can see yourself through another's eyes, the eyes of someone who really loves you, you can change your life. Melissa Harlow breaks new ground with this unique and compelling romance.

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About the Author

When asked about her work, Melissa Harlow has said, "As the reader, you get to do something that in real life none of us get to do, you get to see inside of each person. Past the scars of drug addiction, or the man holding the gun, or even the homeless man by the dumpster, you get to see what they are truly like inside.

"Everyone has made mistakes, and as much as we all hate to admit it, none of us are perfect. In my books people who’ve never had anything really great happen to them in their lives get that shining moment of glory, people who have been dragging around guilt finally find a little peace — oh, and there’s sex, lots of sex, I guess I should mention that."

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