THE LUSTFUL TURK: An Erotic Classic by Anonymous


The Once-Censored Masterpiece of Victorian Erotica!

It was a period when respectable members of society publicly condemned anything considered indecent -- while at night, behind closed doors, they secretly pored over tomes of erotica from the more sensual East. This novel recounts the erotic and romantic adventures of a European lady captured and imprisoned in a Turkish harem, where she is introduced to sexual practices that would have appeared unthinkable to the Victorians. The framing story provides accurate glimpses of customs related to morality, virginity, and marriage in Victorian England at that time.

The Lustful Turk forms a crucial juncture of literature and eroticism--a fanciful, erotic tale (based to some extent on fact) and a classic of its genre.

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Categories Victoria - Early Erotic Classics & Historical Fiction 17th Century-1920 , Vintage
Author Page Sizzler Editions eBooks with Anonymous Authors

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