THE MAGIC CARPET: An Erotic Fantasy Romance by Fletchina Archer


The Genie Brought Her the Perfect Lover - What Else Could He Do?

Jazmine is broken-hearted and disillusioned with love: so she consoles herself with shopping for bargains. But when she finds the long missing mate to an heirloom oriental rug, she finds more than she bargained for. For the carpet is one of the legendary magic carpets, complete with a genie to match. Soon things are looking up!

Not only is Jazmine flying high over head, she is also head-over-heels in love with Robert, a new flame whose appearance may be coincidental or the result of the genie's magic. The only fly in her ointment is the constant verbal battles of her friends Mark and July, whose conflicts are as over the top as their non-stop sexual experiments. Meanwhile, Jazmine and Robert are in search of their own bliss, picking over their past disappointments and future possibilities as forces they cannot comprehend draw them to explore each other's bodies and souls. Everything would seem set for a hot, happy ending. But the genie and the flying carpet aren't through with Jazmine yet. Once you try a little magic, it is so hard to stop! When Jazmine wishes one wish too many, magic, oriental intrigue and steamy hot sex combine with steaming hot Chinese food and a bottle of wine to produce an irresistible erotic romance.

The Book Corner hails Fletchina Archer's work as "fast paced, graphic, thoroughly enjoyable - with well-written scenes, both explicit and non-strong writing - complicated characters - definitely to be added to the collection."

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