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The Memoirs of Dolly Morton was unavailable to U.S. readers until the 1960s, and has only infrequently been reprinted since. It is the story of an innocent young girl who discovers and experiences the extremes of sexuality when she visits the pre-Civil War South. Although she succumbs to the sensuality she finds there -- and the strong, handsome men -- she is also repulsed by the treatment of slaves. The latter leads her to become involved in the Abolitionist Movement, but her activities are discovered by an aristocratic scoundrel. Instead of turning her over to the authorities, he forces her to become his mistress and his sex slave. But when the Civil War erupts, she is trapped in the middle of the looting and rapine which follow.

This is Dolly Morton's story, told with innocence and a large degree of candor.

From the Preface: "We see beautiful women stripped bare under a Southern sun; we hear their cries and pleadings for mercy as, one by one, their robes and petticoats are torn off or tucked up, their drawers unfastened and rolled down; our eyes are shocked at the sight of the white, well developed hemispheres laid bare and blushing to our gaze, only to receive the cruel lash- the hemispheres which had never been bared since mother whipped them across her knees, never been rudely handled save in the legitimate caresses of the conjugal bed. Sorry are we, but little can we do: let he that goeth down to war count well the cost thereof. The hairbreadth escapes and the singular adventures are of themselves strange reading, but, when we remember that these adventures were undergone for the highest human ends, interest is merged in admiration for the heroism which could sacrifice so much in the cause of humanity."

--Charles Carrington
Paris, France

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