THE MODELS: The Erotic Classic by Anonymous


Adam was an artist who painted beautiful women in the nude -- and seduced as many of his models as would surrender to his passions. Since Adam was a very sexy man, he was very successful in his seductions. But he wasn't successful in his art. He had the potential to produce great works, all the critics agreed, yet something was lacking.

One of the city's most influential gallery owners had a plan. He thought he knew what Adam needed: to let go. So the gallery owner's two very experienced daughters offered to model for Adam by day and loosen him up at night, slowly working the kinks out of his psyche. No one, however, counted on the effect of another model named Eve...

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Categories Scorcher - Getting it On , Scorcher , Vintage , Liberation - Erotic Classics, Historical Fiction & Memoir 1920s-1980s
Author Page Sizzler Editions eBooks with Anonymous Authors

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