THE MONICA CHRONICLES #2: The Healing Lash by Richard Alexander


Bilboes is the best dungeon in the city: run by Monica Armstrong - twenty-nine, blue-eyed and raven haired, ambitious ... and strict! Her hand-picked team knows to obey her commands without question: Steven Reynolds, handyman, builder, reluctant tester of devices and participant in Monica's scenarios; Mary Ramirez, thirty-eight, tall and willowy, most senior and experienced of the Bilboes team; Trish Taylor, thirty-six, a striking brunette, she is practical and passionate about all she does, her professionalism overlaid with a wicked sense of humor; Emma Cheng, bisexual with a propensity for the submissive role; Leila Mackay, twenty-four-year-old, a submissive, artistic, and enthusiastic; Shawnee Lewis. a self-confessed bondage-aholic and will do anything she can to get herself on the receiving end of the Bilboes Team's disciplinary activities

As a team, they are prepared to take on all manner of clients and client requests - from domination to submission and beyond…

The Monica Chronicles #2: The Healing Lash is the second in a brilliant new series that is sure to enthrall everyone who enjoys the romance of submission. "I predict this will be bigger than The Story of O. Can't wait to read the next books in the series." -Sibly Whyte.

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Author Page Richard Alexander's Sizzler Editions eBooks

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