THE OTHERFOLK QUEEN: Erotic Fantasy by T.J. Lazier


From the author of the Swordmage Saga!

The Otherfolk Queen is the erotic, romantic, historical fantasy tale of Princess Carine Ariansdaughter, heiress to the throne of the Triple Realm, becoming its titular Otherfolk Queen. The story takes place in the same mystical middle ages as Gadifriald’s Saga where magic is real, the Norse have settled parts of North America, and fae beings known as the otherfolk live in the world alongside mankind. Cari is the daughter of King Canute V and the otherfolk sorceress, Arian—and is quite a sorceress and seductress in her own right.

With the help of the young hero Gadifriald Lokkasson, and others, Cari battles the crusaders of the corrupt Roman Church, the alluring Queen Margath of the Sea Isles, her own ambitious cousin Gerdaric, who covets her father’s throne (and our heroine’s hand in marriage), and even the Archangel Michael to save her father’s realm and secure her destiny. In this stand-alone sequel to Gadifriald’s Saga, Cari comes into her own as a woman and ruler as she defeats those who would enslave her, enslaves those who would rule her and surrenders herself to the lash and love of the one man who can master the Otherfolk Queen!

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About the Author

T.J. Lazier was born in Idaho and living without television for many of his early years instilled a love of books and stories in him, while days spent roaming the forest and mountains inspired his imagination. Being a huge fan of Robert E. Howard and Fritz Leiber's sword and sorcery—and enjoying erotic series such as Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty, T.J. Lazier attempts to combine these influences in his bestselling erotic fantasy series, The Swordmage Cycle and Gadifriald’s Saga.

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