THE PEARL Vol V: The Victorian Journal of Erotica


Peek behind the Sanctimonious Facade of Victorian England!

The Pearl received dozens of 5-Star reviews on sites like Amazon and eBookAd including this Amazon rave: "A classic of erotica, with something for everyone. There are generous helpings of homosexuality, male and female, along with plenty of heterosexual couplings, all with a reasonable literary flair."

The leading erotic publication of the Victorian Age, The Pearl first appeared in London in July, 1897. It lasted for a short, but glorious eighteen months, and then vanished: a victim of its own underground status, for income could never catch up with costs. In the years since it has achieved literary status and recognition from academics and discriminating readers alike.

As with many groups today, the Victorians preached piety and morality, condemning others as wicked and perverse - but carefully refrained from practicing what they preached or doing as they told others to do. The Pearl, the long-banned Victorian-era journal of erotic literature, reveals the shocking hypocrisy of religious conservatives as actually practiced in Victorian London.

In Vol. V, you'll be stunned by how the upper class really lived when you read "La Rose D'Amour or The Adventures of a Gentleman in search of Pleasure"; then you'll peek in on the erotic escapades of a parlor-maid in "Sally's Mistake"; along with an elderly woman's reminiscences of her own sexual initiation, and a dozen other stories, exposes, and memoirs.

Sizzler Classic Editions will be reprinting The Pearl complete and unabridged in six volumes, with three of the original issues of this scandalous, titillating publication in each eBook volume.

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