THE QUEEN’S SLAVEWOMAN BOOK VI: The Submitting of Jendri by Susanna Valent


The Science Fictional Saga of Sapphic BDSM Continues!

In this bestselling series, Susanna Valent spins an enthralling saga of a far world of Amazon warriors where the strongest rule and the rest submit. Jendri Verrian, once a proud warrior, is now the slave of tyrannical K'Endarra Golgathex, Queen of Asperia. Once K'Endarra's unquestioned favorite, Jendri must now compete with K'Endarra's newest slave to determine which woman will prove the most obedient to their Mistress' insatiable appetites for inflicting punishment and humiliation.

Susanna Valent's epic saga of Sapphic BDSM on a far world of fierce warrior women has already won critical praise. Sensual Romance says, "the sex is inventive and…the characters are all three dimensional and sympathetic. Sensuality Level: Scorching. Explicit and frequent sex scenes, sexual slavery involving…forced seduction…bondage and humiliation. There are no heterosexual sexual encounters in [her] books."

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About the Author

Susanna Valent is a native New Yorker, former military officer, and college instructor living in Florida with her spouse and three dogs. She enjoys travel, reading, arguing politics and writing!

Her published work includes more than a dozen works of lesbian erotic fiction, as well as scholarly non-fiction.

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