THE RED MOTHER: Fantastic Erotica by Zachary Jean


Here is a wonderful erotic treat, a book that probes the erotic soul of the little-known culture of Armenia. Welcome to a land where the fantastic and the real intermingle, often when a woman and a man meet.

The first section, Hunger Before Time, describes a very sexy moment from the mythology of the region. Part two chronicles a man's encounter with the Turkish night demon Al Basti, or Al Kardai, an ancient, predatory female spirit known as the Red Mother, found in folklore throughout the Caucasus mountains. The last section is set in modern Armenia.

The author says, "I do not claim these stories to be wholly accurate representations of the Armenian psyche, since I am no sociologist. Instead I present a slim window of what I know, set firmly in the mid-1990s. Things change, often for the better. There is a growing gay culture in Armenia (those who are curious should follow:, a fascinating blog) and while the Sexual Revolution has yet to sweep the patriarchy away, things are improving, slowly."

Zachary Jean's book, The Red Mother, is a revealing and sensual look at the world of sex in Armenia: a rollicking adventure of lusty men and women set in an exotic and mysterious land. If you like your erotica packed with charged power dynamics in a mysterious and fascinating land then this is the book for you!

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