THE ROMANCE OF LUST II: A Classic of Victorian Erotica by Anonymous


Long banned in the U.S., The Romance of Lust is the first-person story of Charlie Roberts, the most famous hero of the Victorian sexual underground.

In Volume I, Charlie began his amorous career at an early age, allowing himself to be seduced by his two successive governesses and successfully passing himself off as a virgin. In Volume II, Charlie's amorous adventures begin in earnest. With almost super-human endurance he goes on to explore his taste for intricate tableaux ensembles, to indulge his penchant for fancy complications, and even to form a secret society.

An eye-opening look at the twisted paths eros takes when a society goes too far in repressing the sex drive.

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Categories Vintage , Victoria - Early Erotic Classics & Historical Fiction 17th Century-1920 , Submission - Kink, Fetish & Taboo
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