A small-town girl who never even saw her husband fully nude, Carolyn found herself forced to enroll at something called "The Academy," when being her small town's drunk was leading her into deep trouble.

The curriculum, and its promise of "sensation beyond belief," wasn't exactly what she expected. The emphasis was on submission, discipline, and obedience. And punishment was doled out generously, with canes, whips, and other instruments of corrective discipline. Soon Carolyn learned to love the Academy and was well on her way to becoming their star pupil!

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About the Author

Fast becoming a one-person Stratemeyer Syndicate, Pearl Jones writes under a plethora of pen names, and will try any kink or genre at least once, if promised caffeine and/or designer shoes. Her work may be found in Prometheus, at various online venues and, of course, listed below. She publishes dark fantasy, paranormal romance and horror under another name, and (gasp) ghostwrites sweet romance and genre fiction, from which the sex scenes are always cut before the books reach print.

Categories Submission - Male Dom - Hetero , Submission , HerSelf - Bondage, BDSM & Taboo , HerSelf
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