In a small, respectable town, one woman can't control her libidinous impulses. The librarian!

From the text: "Sue Sherman arrived at work without panties on under her skirt. She never wore a bra, so today she was stark naked under her blue dress with the revealing slit up the left slide. As she walked up the front steps of the library, she had to stop momentarily to brace herself against the railing and to take a deep breath. She felt so wicked and excited she was on the verge of coming! If old Miss Wilmar, head librarian, were to discover that her newest assistant librarian had come to work without panties on, the prune faced old spinster would have a stroke on the spot."

Soon Sue will walk in on a tryst and what she does then will set off an orgy of sex that pierces the hypocritical mantle of respectability that cloaks the town's actual behavior behind closed doors! Complete with happy, romantic ending! Told in the strong, frank language of 1960s erotica!

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Categories Vintage , Liberation - Erotic Classics, Historical Fiction & Memoir 1920s-1980s
Author Page Sizzler Editions eBooks with Anonymous Authors

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