THE SINTOWN CHRONICLES Vol 1: Behind Closed Doors by David O. Dyer Sr.


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To tourists passing by on the interstate it is only a dot on the map - but those who know what goes on behind its closed doors and curtained windows call it "Sintown, USA!" Here you will meet typical American men and women, single and married, and learn the innermost sexual secrets and cravings they keep locked away from everyone else.

As one reviewer put it, in Sintown, "The men can't seem to keep their brains out of their pants, and the women just don't realize what they are doing when they push their spouses away." Peeping toms, cheating, bondage, triads, orgies, and bisexuality are only the start! Sex has never been steamier or more outrageous. One female reader said, "The doings are dastardly and I got a full frontal look at "things" I had heretofore only heard of, and none of it shocked me because I adored these characters! This male author got into his heroine's head and made her breathe." While a male reader wrote, "Fantastic! Knock your socks' off good!"

Purchased individually these eBooks cost over $12 but you can buy them in this giant omnibus volume for just $6! Contains the complete novels: A Dot on the Map, The Roads to Dot, Two Dollars and Change in Dot. Over 1000 pages of scorching sex and passion.

The steamy saga continues in The Sintown Chronicles Vol. II and features The Preacher's Revenge and Musical Beds in Dot.

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About the Author

The late David O. Dyer, Sr. was the founding publisher of Renaissance E Books (Sizzler Editions’ parent company). He is the author of a number of erotic novels, under a variety of pseudonyms, which share a common theme of acute social satire. He was most proud of his “Dot on the Map” books, a series of 8 novels exposing the behind-closed-doors lives of the citizens of a typical, religious, American small town.

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