THE SINTOWN CHRONICLES Vol 2: Through Bedroom Windows by David O. Dyer Sr.


The Sin-sational Saga of Small Town Lust Continues!

Three complete books in one volume - for one low price!

Passion and lust are out of control in what the residents call Sintown - but it could be called, Anytown, USA: husbands and wives cheat, sons and daughters are eager to lose their virginity, some like it kinky with garterbelts and highheels, some like it kinky with chains and whips, some with three or more to a bed.

Of the two books included in this volume, customer reviews have said, "Continues to tell the engaging stories about the residents in the small town of Dot, North Carolina ... hard to put down once you start reading. His characters are average people, each with their own strengths and flaws, and the reader is allowed to follow along to see how their lives play out. The stories of many of the original characters are blended in well with new characters providing continuity for fans of the first book while still being able to stand-alone for first time readers." As one female reader wrote, "I laughed. I cried. I've enjoyed other books in this highly entertaining series, and intend to read them all." While a male reader raved: "I am hooked. This is better than any soap opera on TV. The author has made these people come alive. One of my favorite characters in this series goes bad. I was very disappointed in him (and no, I won't tell you who it was) but he does start to redeem himself. If you ever wanted to live in a small town and experience small town life, I would pick this series up. Not only do you see a town grow and change but you also see the people themselves grow and change."

Erotic literature at its finest. Includes the novels The Preacher's Revenge, Musical Beds in Dot, and Delilah Delight.

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About the Author

The late David O. Dyer, Sr. was the founding publisher of Renaissance E Books (Sizzler Editions’ parent company). He is the author of a number of erotic novels, under a variety of pseudonyms, which share a common theme of acute social satire. He was most proud of his “Dot on the Map” books, a series of 8 novels exposing the behind-closed-doors lives of the citizens of a typical, religious, American small town.

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