THE SISTERS OF OMEGA PI: A Very Sapphic Tale by J.T. Langdon


The Lesbian Pulp Classic Expanded and Revised!

When Heather Walsh transferred to Paxton University for her sophomore year, she thought she was just getting into one of the best colleges on the east coast. She had no idea it would change her life forever, that it would reveal a side of her sexuality she never knew existed. But then, she never planned on meeting Lindsay Barber, the president of the exclusive Omega Pi sorority, never planned on falling for her, never realized the lengths to which she would go to share another woman's bed.

When Heather receives an invitation to join the mysterious Omega Pi sorority, she sees it as the perfect opportunity to get closer to the object of her affection. Ignoring warnings from her sexy Latina roommate, Heather accepts the invitation from Omega Pi. She finds herself in a whole different world, where pledges are forced to submit to the sexual whims of sorority members, where wearing the black leather collar of the Omega Pi marks you as their property, their slave, a toy to be used when and how they see fit. Refusing the bidding of a member of the sorority means swift punishment, from group spankings to harsh floggings.

Can Heather endure being used, humiliated, and punished by an entire sorority of women to get to the one woman she truly wants to please? Readers won't be disappointed in this newly revised and expanded eBook edition of the lesbian pulp classic from the bestselling author of Hard Time and She-Devils.

"Each of Langdon's chapters are carefully developed, deliciously seasoned with intelligent and imaginative prose, something not found enough in the genre of erotica. This delicious -- erotica will never bore the most well-read connoisseur of lesbian erotica." --Venus' Fem Erotica Reviews

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About the Author

JT Langdon is the author of several erotic lesbian novels including the Lady Davenport's Slave trilogy, Hard Time, and Sisters of Omega Pi. Venus' Fem Erotica Reviews has described her writing as "...intelligent and imaginative prose that will never bore the most well-read connoisseur of lesbian erotica."

She's a Taoist, vegetarian, lover of chocolate, and author of lesbian erotica (which she often and very lovingly refers to as smut or cliterature) and paranormal erotica. She's written a dozen novels (so far!) and have had short stories in several anthologies and magazines (both online and print) including Good Vibes magazine and the recently released Vamps anthology.

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