Wealthy Milo could buy all the sex he wanted. Any kind he wanted. But soon he got bored with that. With two equally bored and decadent friends, he decided to spice things up by abducting women randomly and training them as slaves. It was a plan of bondage, kidnapping and forced sex. Thus The Slavery Club was formed.

Soon they had written a computer program that selected women randomly as well as the acts they would be forced to perform. But their program had a dangerous flaw, one that could leave Milo and his friends exposed to blackmail and worse!

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About the Author

Novelist, essayist and poet.

Emy's work ranged from beautiful love laments to erotic short stories and novellas to full-length novels. Writing in many genres, Emy's distinctive voice covered humor, fantasy and mythology, as well as contemporary and historical work. Emy was a true Celt, born in the mountains of Wales. He lived in London for a while, and then settled on the remote coast of East Anglia.

Naso's motto was "Life is for today, writing is forever" -- but couldn't remember whether he adopted it after a deep study of philosophy or read it on the back of a cereal box!

Emy Naso died in April 2005, surrounded by the love of his friends and family.

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