He Took Complete Control of his Wife!

Early on in their marriage, Sean learned that there were three ways to do things: the right way, the wrong way and his wife Leigh's way. Sexually, Leigh didn't like to experiment but now, all this was all to change: things were going to be done his way, and Leigh would come to appreciate, enjoy and even crave what she thought was so perverted.

He knew there were risks - perhaps even great risks in doing so. But Sean had nothing to lose and everything to gain: the end of sexual frustration, control, fulfillment a of deep-seated desires to dominate, and a wife who obeyed his every wish. Sean planned a special weekend in which he would teach Leigh what he wanted and needed. It would be a weekend in which he would hold Leigh captive in their house while he taught her to submit in no uncertain terms. It would be a weekend that would change the entire complexion of their marriage.

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