THE TRIBE by David Jewell


Porsche believes in fully embracing one's sexuality with the hope of turning it into something fulfilling, something that pierces to the very soul and makes one feel alive and in tune with one's true self.

A well-endowed beauty,  Porsche has recently discovered her submissive nature: she wants to explore and embrace it—and in her efforts to do so she discovers the Tribe. Under the guidance of Mistress Laura, she takes classes to learn more about the Tribe and from her education, she becomes convinced that developing and expressing her submissive nature will bring enlightenment and meaning in her life.

With this conviction, she pursues membership as an Awahkan or submissive that is devoted to satisfying the needs of the other members—no matter how strange, painful or humiliating they may be. Her journey of submission is an arduous one. and she discovers that BDSM is far more intense than she ever imagined—and that the Tribe is demanding and strict as it embraces its ancient traditions. She also discovers that her submissive nature reaches to the very core of her being—and soon she craves the intensity and fulfillment that the Tribe offers and will do anything to get it.

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About the Author

David Jewell continues to have a long love affair with fast, powerful cars and hot, sensual and intriguing women. He has a bachelor’s degree in social work and a master’s degree in a related field. He moved to Minnesota after retiring from the police department. Away from the maddening crowds, he pursues his passion for writing.
Fourteen years ago, he embraced the bondage/dominance-sadomasochism (BDSM) alternative lifestyle as a switch. He is both dominant and submissive. In other words, he enjoys both sides of the whip. He is collared by a mistress and has his own collared submissive. He enjoys the excitement and gratification this lifestyle offers.
His writings reflect his experiences and insights into this alternative lifestyle. Using his personal experiences and creative imagination, he creates interesting, spirited characters and weaves dynamic, pulsating and exciting stories that reflect the passion, intensity, fulfillment and joys of the bdsm lifestyle.
He hopes that you enjoy his stories and share his zeal for those things that bring joy and happiness to life.

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