THEIR MASTER [House Arrest II] by David Jewell


Meadow Sterling joins her fellow submissive, Mary Lou, in becoming her husband Lance's fellow slave. Lance Sterling, meanwhile, tests Meadow by ordering her to perform a series of sexual and sensual tasks - but when he finds Meadow's obedience less than what he desires, he takes her home and, with the help of Mary Lou, further impresses upon her what he expects in terms of obedience.

Then the women's master agrees to hand them to his superior, Lieutenant Nelson, in return for a promotion. But as they begin to form a bond, Meadow and Mary Lou discover that to earn Lance's approval they will have to satisfy both men's most perverse desires - and through their obedience prove that Lance is truly their master.

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Categories Submission - Male Dom - Hetero , Submission
Author Page David Jewell's Sizzler Editions eBooks

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