THREE-WAY FINISH [Dimension of the Ages #2] by Bo Bleu


These Three Sisters of Sappho End Up in Bed Together!

...but first they had to protect age old treasures, solve a crime, clear a suspect, survive a murderous shoot-out, and decided which one them would have to marry a man and bear his child to save the honor of two families!

The sex and intrigue begin when fugitive and lesbian Sophie Cauvin takes refuge with an art dealer - and head of an age old secret society that works for good. Jules deBrisset offers her refuge and introduces her to his two very horny lesbian associates - and soon Sophie must cope with being kidnapped, having her passions aroused by a luscious lesbian bandit, and being being sought by the police, the amorous advances of the art dealer, and a meeting with Leonidas Strâecher, the man her family expects her to marry.

Follow Sophie's adventures in and out of bed, from the ‘Creole Kitchen’ on Bayou Babylon, to downtown London, to Vienna, and back to her home on Bayou Teche in Louisiana ... and then, finally, in bed with two hot amorous lesbians for a surprise ending!

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Categories Thrill , Attraction , Attraction - Lesbian
Author Page Bo Bleu's Sizzler Editions eBooks

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