Once In Every Generation!

In every generation a voice stands out that speaks frankly, and uninhibitedly of the sexual experiences of himself and his peers. Henry Miller did it with Tropic of Cancer, and so did Alexander Trocchi in Young Adam. Now comes Randall Lang in Trailer Park Nights.

In the first volume, Randy, a 22 year-old man, just starting life on his own with a brand new trailer and a brand new job met Rose, a captivating and beautiful red-haired swinger with a pain-filled past. Under her tutelage, Randy began a journey of erotic exploration and self-discovery. Then, one shocking morning, Randy rose to realize that Rose was gone. No one knew where. The loss of his first love devastated him. And there ended book one in Randall Lang's ongoing saga.

Trailer Park Nights 2 begins when Randy hears a rumor that Rose may come back. What happens when she does teaches Randy still deeper lessons about himself and about his appetites for love. Don't miss this true-to-life chronicle of one contemporary Young Adam's scorching trailer park nights!

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About the Author

Randall Lang is the author of a diverse array of erotica, including the highly successful autobiographical confession known as the Trailer Park Nights series.

He grew up in the tough coal fields of southwestern Pennsylvania where nothing came easily. It was a world of limited opportunity and few roles to follow. Dreams were quickly vanquished in the shadows of necessity and creativity was usually buried beneath an avalanche of cynicism.

However, twelve-hour days in the dark, wet, often cold environment of the underground work place can have the unexpected effect of freeing the mind to drift away from such a hostile world into one of burning desire, passionate kisses, soft touches, and the intense magnetism that draws men and women together. The mind can then assemble thoughts into ideas, ideas into images, and images into stories. As the stories flow, the spark becomes a flame that resurrects a spirit repressed and opens the doorway to an ever-widening horizon.

Randall Lang continues to reside in southwestern Pennsylvania with hope of finding that perfect combination of blue water, clear skies, smooth liquor, and good friends.

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