TRAIN ME! by C. K. Ralston


She May Have Resisted, but She Knew She Needed It!

Sharon and Chet are a young married couple who have enjoyed a nice, if uneventful, few years of wedded bliss. One day, Chet's old high school friend Johnny comes for a visit with his young girlfriend, April. Chet has always looked up to Johnny, because he's everything Chet isn't -- a former mercenary, tough as granite and irresistible to women.

Sharon reluctantly agrees to let Johnny and April stay in their home, and then finds herself inexplicably attracted to her rugged houseguest in spite of her straight-laced, monogamous personality. What is the magic spell Johnny casts over Sharon and what secrets is he keeping? Will Sharon give in to her sudden urge or will she remain faithful to the easygoing Chet? And does Chet really think his womanizing best bud won't make a move on his beautiful wife when he isn't looking?

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About the Author

C.K. Ralston has written and published over thirty erotic novels, both paperbacks and ebooks. Currently a semi-retired consultant living in Northern California, Ralston enjoys traveling, cooking for friends and family, the occasional glass of a fine Cabernet, reading good fiction, and writing some of the spiciest, most provocative erotic stories being created today.

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