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In Training the Stepford Men, Powerone brings you the prequel to his bestselling Stepford Men. This new book takes readers back to where it began: a small town outside of Boston in the year 1725, where men are trained to submit to the hands of powerful women.

Lady Millicent Ward has beauty and wealth enough to commission the construction of a mansion near enough to Boston, but far enough to hide her many...activities...from the prying eyes of high society.

William, a lawyer, helped Lady Ward gain access to her deceased husband’s money. To reward his generosity, William was allowed to serve Lady Ward in every way she required—as it happened, this also meant serving several of her friends. When William found himself at the mercy of so many women imposing their will on him at once, he felt depths of subjugation and heights of pleasure he'd never known.

A few other men dared to visit Lady Ward and her friends without invitation, and soon found themselves bound, punished, teased, and punished again. Yet each man was helpless to stop the pleasure that the women coaxed from their bodies.

Before it's over, the story of the Lady, her friends, her lawyer-slave and her tightly bound minions will culminate in a grand wedding in Boston, a honeymoon at the mansion—and what honeymoon would be complete without some hard stallion training? Well, certainly not one hosted by Lady Ward, in any case.

If you love to read about the shame and humiliation of a man dominated by a strong group of lovely and passionate women, Training the Stepford Men is the book for you. BDSM fans will relish these women, and the imagination they use to extract their pleasure!

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About the Author

Our #1 Bestselling Author, Powerone captivates readers by bringing them into the minds of both male and female lead characters. With vivid description and rich detail, Powerone draws readers into a world often found only in fantasy and leaves them aching for more. His bestseller, Bound for His Pleasure, has recently been issued in paperback.

Powerone resides at the beach in San Diego where scantily clad females forever perk his imagination.

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