TRAINING WIVES by David Jewell


"Show me a man who won't eat his wife, and I'll show you a wife that I can steal" - Street Proverb

Frank Richardson knew that street proverb quite well from his years on the police force in Southern California: he and his wife Tami enjoy living the alternative lifestyle of bondage and domination - where he is the dominant and she the submissive.

Attending a convention, Frank gets into a testy conversation with Steve LaFluer and his assistant Wayne Adamson. Realizing just how uptight and straight-laced they are sexually, he's ready to put them in their proper place. Discovering that neither one of them engages in anything other than sex in the missionary position, he decides to prove the street proverb about oral sex is true: first he seduces their wives - then he makes them his slaves.

After stealing the wives, Frank becomes their master - demanding much of them as her pursues his plan to humiliate and to bring their arrogant husbands to their knees. A week before the next pastor's conference, he has Zoe and Colleen deny their husbands sex for one week - wanting the two men edgy and frustrated when he sees them again ... to teach them how gain sexual control of their wives!

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