TWO FLAPPERS IN PARIS: An Erotic Classic by Anonymous


A Five Star Erotic Classic!

"I have often had occasion to visit Paris, and it is always with the greatest pleasure that I return to this delightful city, where every man can satisfy his tastes and desires, whatever they may be," so begins these erotic exploits of a British diplomat in Paris in the erotically charged atmosphere of pre-World War I. No sooner does he arrive than he meets two young flappers and convinces them to be schooled in the ways of love at the house of Madame X. "Uncle Jack," as he is affectionately dubbed, leads the virgins through lessons in every conceivable form of pleasure. T

Two Flappers in Paris is a recognized classic of erotic literature in the mode of the great works of Victorian and Edwardian erotica.

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Categories Liberation - Erotic Classics, Historical Fiction & Memoir 1920s-1980s , Scorcher - Getting it On , Vintage , Scorcher
Author Page Sizzler Editions eBooks with Anonymous Authors

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