An intriguing new femme domme romance and a treat for fans of brilliantly written erotica! Basically, this is a story of kismet in a BDSM setting. Through different paths, two people discover their affinity for dominance and submission and set out to find a compatible partner.

Uncharted Territory follows the journey of Samantha and Matt from the twists of fate that enable them to acknowledge their true sexual nature through their star-crossed romance. Since this is a work of erotica, it features a variety of sexual scenarios, mostly with D/s components. It also includes realistic characters and a smattering of humor.

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About the Author

Jim Lyon began writing erotica in the mid 1990s and served as story editor for the now-defunct Ownme.com before his first femdom-themed erotic novellas, Uncharted Territoryand The Accidental Domme, were published as e-books by Sizzler Editions.

Jim is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. He left high school in his senior year to live the bohemian life in New York City's Greenwich Village and Lower East Side. Soon realizing he wasn't a big fan of cold weather and crowded tenements, Jim returned to the West Coast and lived in Berkeley during the tumultuous mid-to-late 1960s and early 1970s. While there, his claims to fame include being folksinger Malvina Reynolds' neighbor/tenant and part owner of the Northside Theater, a repertory cinema of considerable renown.

After leaving Berkeley, Jim put himself through college and earned a B.A. in Journalism from USC. His eclectic career since then has encompassed editing, writing, business management, social work, teaching, and web publishing, with stops in northern and southern California, Hawaii, Florida and Oregon.

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