VENUS IN LEATHER: A Novel of Woman Dominant, Translated by Eleanor Tremaine


Move over, Venus in Furs - here comes a Venus in Leather!

A naughty, sensuous redo of the legendary masterpiece of male masochism. Leopold von Sacher-Masoch's novel Venus in Furs is the cornerstone of femdom literature and a pioneering work of BDSM fiction as well. But who can read it?

Written in German in the 1870s, it is slow going at best: then Eleanor Tremaine showed up in our offices with Venus in Furs redone as a modern novel. She represents the book in a twenty-first century setting, with twenty-first century characters, moving it to the American continents in order to make it more accessible to today's readers.

So get ready to enjoy the pleasures of male masochism as never before, as once again a submissive man comes under the thrall of a dominant woman in leather. Because, for the cognoscenti, it is well known that nothing beats a good whipping spiced with jolly humiliation to give a chap a roaring good time!

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