WANTON MISCONDUCT by Laura Mills Cross


A nifty little mystery with a great deal of sex, all of it fun and most of it, well...wanton.

In the Spring of 1970, Laura is on a mission to rescue her long-time and very intimate friend, Lynn Adams, from a group of particularly evil evildoers. She arrives in her hometown of Idaho Falls with nothing but good intentions and a renewed commitment to sexual moderation—but encounters with cherished mentors, former boyfriends, new heroes and her own, beloved Charlie (posing as the miscreant long-haul driver Zach Johnston) confound her at every turn. Only her keen mind and quick wits (to say nothing of the nicest ass this side of the Continental Divide) can save her friends and thwart a murderous conspiracy.

A clever, funny, very erotic read.

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Categories Liberation - Erotic Classics, Historical Fiction & Memoir 1920s-1980s , Vintage , Thrill , Scorcher - Menage & More , Scorcher - Getting it On , Scorcher , Attraction - Bisexual
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