WANTON WIVES: The 1960s Erotic Classic by Anonymous


While her husband is away at a series of business meetings and trips, Tracy finds herself growing increasingly horny. First, she starts playing with herself and daydreaming of doing things she would never do with her husband. Next, she runs into one of his coworkers and suddenly finds herself in his bedroom experiencing a fulfillment she never imagined could exist.

Meanwhile, her husband is in the arms of another man's wife. Both Tracy and her husband are finding the lovemaking better when they are apart with someone else. Then a chance encounter gives them the opportunity to rekindle their sex life. The lovemaking is explosive, and they see a chance to rekindle their marriage as well. ...But is sex with one person for life enough for either of them now?

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Categories Vintage , Liberation - Erotic Classics, Historical Fiction & Memoir 1920s-1980s
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