WESTWARD BOUND: A Novel of Submission by Rod Harden


He tied her hand and foot - Just like his cattle!

When Clara Dove takes the stagecoach West to begin her new job as school teacher in a ranching town, she little realizes the fate that awaits her: first she meets Early Cummings, loner, cattleman, and secret dom, with a yen for tying women up, who kidnaps her, binds her and spirits Clare to his home to make her his slave. Clara thinks she hates Early for the things he makes her feel, as she responds to being shackled and made to do his bidding.

But she begins to realize there are much worse men in the West when she is stolen from Early and trained to be a human puppet who responds to any demand men make. Now that it is too late, Clara knows she has come to love Early. And Early, who has learned the same, is searching for her.

But the west is big and even the intrepid cowboy thinks the odds are hopeless.

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About the Author

Rod Harden is a mild mannered government bureaucrat by day, writer of smut by night. He lives in Ohio with his wife, two teenage sons and three cat—and not necessarily in that order. He began writing erotica on a whim, but soon discovered it was much easier when seated in a chair and using a computer. A prolific writer for Sizzler Editions, Rod has recently been concentrating on producing longer works for us—and for you!

Rod would like to assure the reader that he uses only the very finest, all-natural ingredients, including nouns, verbs, adjectives, even the occasional adverb. No grammarians have ever been harmed in the production of his stories.

Besides writing smut, Rod enjoys playing the classical guitar, trombone, and piano, although not usually at the same time.

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