WOMAN IN CHARGE – BOOK I by Heather Lynx


He Learned Who Was in Charge — The Hard Way!

Shelby Pendragon is a beautiful woman who wants power and control in her marriage. From the way that Shelby manipulates him, her husband Carter acknowledges that he is pussy whipped - but he's not complaining.

Shelby seduces her husband, and gets him to agree to try some bondage. Having physical control of him, she offers him the option of a threesome if he agrees to her condition that she is in charge of what they do, what he wears and their sex life. When he does, she introduces him to a special friend, Jorja, a mistress who is encouraging Shelby to explore her dominant nature and needs. With Mistress Jorja's guidance and the use of her submissives,

Shelby also discovers the rush of whipping pussy and expressing some sadistic needs she didn't know that she had. Consequently, she looks forward to expanding both hers and Carter's understand of what being a woman in charge is all about.

(Previously published as Pussy Whipped I)

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