WOMEN IN CONTROL [The Swingers, Book I] By Dax St. James


A woman introduces her new friend to the mysterious world of swinging. Read this eye-opening, first person account of people who have dared to admit to themselves that monogamy is not a one-size-fits-all solution -- and that for some, monogamy = monotony.

Enter this strange realm, which many outsiders think is just a male wet dream, but where women actually call all the shots. Far from being weird or freaks, swingers are normal everyday people from all walks of life. For a lot of adventurous men and women swinging is too frightening to explore. But for others, it can be a marriage-saving and life-changing experience.

Let Dax St. James be your guide to the wildly erotic, but carefully structured and bounded, territory of swinging in all its aspects. This book reveals that what most people believe about swinging is wrong and dispels many myths about swingers. With the first book in the series described by many as a combination of True Confessions and Guidebook, St. James shares his experiences of one couple in a strange land, with advice, humor and honesty.

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