When  Kelsey Jinks and her college-age daughter lose their home, to stay together they take a job at a decaying mansion and working for Bruno Dentzler. But Dentzler soon makes it clear to each of them that to keep their jobs, and get a good recommendation later, sex with him is part of the deal.

Celeste is rescued when the beautiful Dahlia Sabine takes her sailing with friends: Celeste meets Mari Thomas, dedicated dyke immediately enamored of Celeste’s charms, and Mari seduces Celeste in the summit of the island they visit.

Meanwhile, Kelsey explores the lower basement rooms of the mansion and is appalled at the shackles and constraints obviously in recent use - and eventually, Dahlia succumbs to Kelsey’s charms and they become lovers.

Women in Need draws to a shocking conclusion during a celebration at the near-by Carny Club.

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Categories Thrill , Attraction - Lesbian , Attraction
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