WRAPPED TOO TIGHT [Sex-Fiend Monologues I] by Rusty Cuffs


The Guillaume Apollinaire Award winning erotic ebook!

Here is an unforgettable collection of highly kinky short tales of bondage, submission and freaky sex in general. It covers the whole range of BDSM activities from tying, clipping and gagging to whipping and waxing.

Along the way, Mr. Cuffs, a slam-winning poet and published novelist, writes of tattoos, sexy scents, topless bars, commercial dungeons, slave auctions, lesbian habits, leather, crossdressing, tickling, and numerous other quirky kinks. This unique collection is both a very sexy read and a delicious send up of the SM scene.

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Categories Submission , Hot Flash , Submission - Female Domme - Hetero , Submission - Male Dom - Hetero , Hot Flash - BDSM
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