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Sizzler Editions / Intoxication Author Guidelines

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Sizzler Editions / Intoxication Author Guidelines


Sizzler Intoxication, our erotic romance line, is actively seeking stories from established and aspiring authors!

Sizzler Intoxication wants your hottest and strongest heroines and most fascinating heroes. Stories should be clearly defined as romance, with conflict or circumstances keeping the heroine and hero apart until a Happily Ever After conclusion at the end of the story.

When it comes to the erotic aspects of your romance, Sizzler Intoxication is not afraid to push boundaries. Our hard limits are spelled out in our Writer’s Guidelines, but otherwise we look forward to reading imaginative, innovative and challenging scenes.

At this time Sizzler Intoxication is open to all categories of erotic romance, including suspense, historical, science fiction, paranormal, multicultural, LGBTQ, bondage/BDSM, and fantasy. Stories should be no shorter than 30,000 words and no longer than 90,000, and strongly plot- and character-driven. Think sweet and spicy like Lori Foster or dark and dangerous like Lora Leigh.

Remember, we want erotic romance! This line is not looking for erotica without a romance element; see our general Writer’s Guidelines if you’d like to submit non-romantic erotica to one of our more fitting lines or categories—there’s a place at Sizzler Editions for nearly every type of erotica!

Sizzler Intoxication does not currently offer advances, but pays generous royalties.

Since 1999, Sizzler Editions has been a pioneer in ebook publishing, presenting exciting new works from talented, contemporary authors of erotic fiction as well as classic works from the masters of the past.

Send synopsis and first ten pages in RTF format to moc.liamgnull@rotidEecnirPfloW

We look forward to reading your erotic romance!


–Sascha Illyvich
Co-Editor, Sizzler Editions/Intoxication

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