YOU ARE A WOMAN [Horror Manor III] by PM White


The Berge family war comes to a bloody boil in the last chapter of the darkly erotic Horror Manor saga.

Rhombus Berge brings the gang's toxic conflict to his demented brother’s third-floor lair, determined to end Eyeball man’s sick reign of murder and madness. It’s a battle that can only end in gruesome death. And Eyeball man won’t go down easy.

In the third and final chapter, Glass leaves the loving arms of newspaper man Peter Smart to return to Berge Manor, determined to aid in the family’s fight against their deadly sibling. Billy, the child of the gang, haunts the woods of Oak Creek under the guise of the Wild Boar, and unknowingly sets off an investigation by local law enforcement and Peter Smart. What Smart learns is something no one in the Berge family expects, or believes….

The gothically-charged Horror Manor trilogy comes to a shocking end in PM White’s twisted final installment.

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