ZHENAIJ’S CHATTEL by Susanna Valent


"Undress me, you shiftless maids!" Zhenaij demanded.

So begins Susanna Valent's newest saga of Sapphic bondage and submission. Perhaps even more epic than her now-classic Queen's Slave Woman series, this is science-fiction-meets-bdsm on a whole new scale of adventure, passion and uninhibited sexuality.

General Zhenaij liked to fight hard, train hard, ride hard, play hard, and love hard. She was the hardest woman presently in the Horde, and probably the hardest woman the Horde had ever produced, for that matter. She had to be, for she was the first and only female general on the Council of Ten. Right now, with her most recent skirmish behind her, the only concern was getting herself the rest of the ten women to whom she was entitled. However, before she reviewed her captives, she needed sex. You should never choose a new woman without taking the edge off first, or chances are you would take the first one you saw, and that could be a problem. "Send to the harem for my next three women," Zhenaij growled at her adjutant as they approached her tents. "After I have had my fill of them, I will see the captives."

A BDSM science fiction/fantasy by a master of the genre - not just a tale of otherworldly adventure but one spiced with the best BDSM erotica there is!

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About the Author

Susanna Valent is a native New Yorker, former military officer, and college instructor living in Florida with her spouse and three dogs. She enjoys travel, reading, arguing politics and writing!

Her published work includes more than a dozen works of lesbian erotic fiction, as well as scholarly non-fiction.

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